A unique healing experience of the land and energy. Where Music, Myth and Meditation will be used to awaken your Celtic Soul. Creating a positive mindfulness. Both days include refreshments and light lunch. Workshops will be delivered by Ciaran Corr, Kate Fitzpatrick and Katie Rutledge, and will include: Saturday Workshops  Kate Fitzpatrick  ‘Shamanic Voices’ Find your own voice. Listen to the voice of the Land. Discover the healing potential of Song.  Ciaran Corr    ‘Internal Imbloc’ Insights and Techniques to re-awaken your soul after the long dark winter.   Katie Rutledge ‘Fire Healing Katie is a renowned facilitator, she will use fire to create an awakening of new possibilities, by providing a sacred space or container for the heart to express itself and for the ego mind to quieten. 


Sunday Workshops Kate Fitzpatick – ‘Sun Spirit Meditation Kate Fitzpatrick will deliver a ‘Sun Spirit’ Meditation and its meaning for the new Spring.

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Saturday Pass £40.00, Sunday Pass £20.00 Book for both days and get a discount.