Saint Patricks Festival Stain GlassArmagh is at the heart of celebrating the life of Saint Patrick so why not come and join us for the festival? Join in a lively and varied festival showcasing the best of culture, music, song and dance. This year the festival is a joint one with events taking place in both Armagh and Downpatrick, the locations most strongly connected to Patrick.


Saint Patrick has strong links to Armagh. It was here that he began his mission in Ireland and established the City as the country’s spiritual capital. Patrick was born in Britain around 400AD. As a boy he was captured and brought to Slemish Mountain in County Antrim to work as a shepherd. After six years of captivity he escaped back to Britain and studied in a monastery.





Following a vision from an angel called Victoricus, Patrick returned to Ireland as a bishop and taught the Christian faith using the shamrock to explain the Trinity. His mission lasted many years and it is believed he died in the 5th century on 17 March and was buried in a site adjacent to Down Cathedral.


Today, Armagh as two Cathedrals which are a celebration of Patrick’s life, legacy and mission. Saint Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral stands on the site where Patrick built his Great Church in 445Ad. Opposite stands Saint Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, where Patrick is reputed to have placed a rescued fawn.

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