Armagh City Walking Tour
Armagh is the oldest City in Ireland, and with that comes a lot of history, myth and legend. Armagh City was effectively established by Saint Patrick back in 445AD, this event was to have a profound effect on the City’s future development.

The City developed over the centuries but seen as a place of wealth was pillaged by various armies down through the ages. In 1765 Archbishop Robinson (1708-94) was appointed primate of all-Ireland for the Church of Ireland. Archbishop Robinson, a native of Yorkshire England, arrived with a vision of what he wanted to achieve within the City. He set about rebuilding the City and many of the must see buildings were developed as part of this vision.


01. The Mall
The Mall is effectively the heart of Armagh.  It is large green commons area in the centre.  Formally a race course Archbishop Robinson decreed that this must always belong to the people.  A popular location for family picnics and games.  At the weekend Cricket is still played here.
02. Armagh Observatory (1789-93)
The inscription over the door reads “The Heavens declare the Glory of God”.  The Armagh Observatory is a steeped in history and is still a working observatory today.  Viewing by appointment.
03. The Archbishop’s Palace (1766-70) & Chapel (1781-4)
Set in 300 acres of rolling parkland the Archbishop’s Palace is now the Headquarters for Armagh City and District Council.  The grounds are beautiful and include highlights such as Saint Bridget’s Well, Palace Gardens and Ice House.  Viewing of the Palace and Chapel by prior appointment.
04. Armagh Public Library (1771)
Located close to Saint Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral the inscription over the door in Greek reads “The healing place for the soul”.  Armagh Public Library is a registered museum and was Robinson’s first building block in his vision for a University City.  This is a stunning property and well worth a visit.
05. No 5 Vicar’s Hill (1776)
No 5 Vicar’s Hill has been recently refurbished No 5 shows some more of the Robinson archives and provides a real insight through interactive exhibitions into the rebuilding of Armagh.

(Approx. time for Walking Tour 2 hours)

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Eating out

  • Discover this hidden gem 4 Vicars Restaurant (located at No. 4 Vicar’s Hill) for lunch or coffee it is highly recommended.
  • Northern Ireland’s only Australian Restaurant Uluru Bistro is a must.  The cuisine consists of the best locally sourced ingredients cooked with an Australian twist to provide a fusion of flavours and textures.


  • Armagh Gaol (1780)
  • Armagh Royal School (1773-74)
  • The Infirmary (1766-74)
  • Obelisk (1782-83)