Christian Heritage Day Out in Armagh
Discover Armagh’s rich Christian Heritage visit historic Cathedrals, fascinating museums
and spend some time shopping in the City’s boutiques.
01. St Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral (Approx. time: 1 hour)

Stay dry in the ancient St Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral which maintains an unbroken link back to our patron saint.  Take a guided tour and see silverware from 1796, the staircase to the bell tower and pre-Christian stone carvings.  It is also the burial site of Brian Boru.

02. St Patrick’s Catholic Cathedral (Approx. time: 1 hour)

Visit St Patrick’s Catholic Cathedral whose two distinctive twin Gothic spires frame the Armagh City skyline.  Though Archbishop Crolly laid the foundation stone on St Patrick’s Day 1840 it took over 60 years to complete this exquisite cathedral.

03. Armagh Public Library (Approx. time: 1 hour)

Go indoors and explore the oldest library in Northern Ireland.  Armagh Public Library was founded in 1771 by Archbishop Robinson it contains extensive collections of 17th and 18th century books, manuscripts, prints, coins and gems, many from his own library.  A first edition of Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels’ has his handwritten amendments in the margins.  Check out the inscription over the door which reads, “Healing place for the soul”.  As part of the tour visitors will be shown how to handle these items.

04. No. 5 Vicars Hill (Approx. time: 1 hour)

No. 5 Vicars Hill was built in 1722 as the Diocesan Registry to hold records for the Cathedral and Armagh Diocese.  While the records are no longer held here, examples are on display, along with ancient coins and gems, significant prints and early Christian bells.

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  • Discover this hidden gem 4 Vicars Restaurant (located at No. 4 Vicar’s Hill) for lunch or coffee it is highly recommended.
  • Northern Ireland’s only Australian Restaurant Uluru Bistro is a must.  The cuisine consists of the best locally sourced ingredients cooked with an Australian twist to provide a fusion of flavours and textures.
  • Armagh City Hotel’s Callan Bar offers morning coffee to long lunches, afternoon teas to evening drinks – the perfect place to sit back and relax with family and friends.