Free Day Out in Armagh for Adults
As you look for ways to stay entertained on a budget, Armagh City and District has plenty of attractions to discover…. and the best part is, they’re free!
01. The Palace Demesne (Approx. time: 1hour)
Explore the glorious grounds of The Palace Demesne. The Palace was the residence of the Archbishop of the Church of Ireland from 1770 to 1975. The grounds comprise some 300 acres, and were the creation of Archbishop Robinson himself. The grounds include the formal Palace Gardens, meadows, winding paths and the ‘Garden of the Senses’. Located at the entrance of the Palace Demesne is the Franciscan Friary.

02. Armagh Public Library (Approx. time: 30mins)
Visit to Archbishop Robinson’s library, Armagh Public Library. As Northern Ireland’s oldest library it contains 17th & 18th century books on many subjects as well as ancient Irish artefacts.  The first edition of ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ (complete with notes in Jonathan Swifts own handwriting) is kept in the library.

03. The Mall (Approx. time: 30mins)
Take a stroll around The Mall, an impressive open space which has been a focal point of the city for over 200 years.  Surrounded by elegant Georgian buildings, the tree lined Mall is a little haven right in the city centre.
04. Royal Irish Fusiliers Museum (Approx. time: 30mins)
A short walk across the road brings you to the Royal Irish Fusiliers Museum, where you will discover a fresh approach to the interpretation of Irish military history.

05. Armagh County Museum (Approx. time: 45 mins)

Armagh County Museum is one of the most distinctive buildings along the Mall.  Inside you will discover a rich a varied legacy capturing the stories relating to the people who lived and worked in this historic county.

06. Armagh Observatory & Astropark (Approx. time: 30mins)
Discover some of the amazing phenomena in our solar system and beyond with a trip to Armagh Observatory and Astropark.  The Observatory’s 14 acres of landscaped grounds contains sundials, telescope domes and other exciting instruments.  Take a stroll through the universe with the Astropark’s scale model of our solar system! (Pre book Observatory)

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